Dr. Denkler and Dr. Hudson in front of the Aesthetic Surgery office in Larkspur, California


Your Consultation

After you walk through the doors of our private plastic surgery and skin care practice, you will feel a warm welcome from our staff. First comes the usual check-in and chart preparation, after which you will relax in our pleasant waiting room (with current and diverse reading materials).

For your cosmetic surgery consultation, Dr. Denkler will escort you to a consultation room and sit down with you to discuss your areas of concern and aesthetic goals.  During this initial 30-minute consultation, he will detail the various options available to you, review the pros and cons of the surgical and non-surgical choices, and explain any possible risks. He will answer all of your questions so you can make an informed decision.

The consultation may also include pre-operative measurements and anatomical photographs for your private chart. Sometimes these measurements and photographs will reveal other choices or approaches, which will then be discussed.

Dr. Hudson meets with cosmetic consultation patients and briefly reviews their medical history, making sure there are not any medical issues. She shows patients before and after photos from Dr. Denkler’s portfolio. Based on Dr. Denkler’s surgical plan, Dr. Hudson prepares a surgical fee quotation.

Our patient-focused approach and extremely personalized care will help you leave the consultation feeling educated and empowered to make a treatment decision.

Some patients will decide to have a second consultation to clear up any questions that may have developed. Breast augmentation patients return to try on implants.

These second consultations are at no charge.

Preparing for your Procedure

All surgeries, except minor surgery, require a pre-operative physical exam.  The exam can be done by your primary physician or by Dr. Rosalind Hudson, our board certified internal medicine physician. There is no additional fee to have Dr. Hudson perform your pre-operative physical.

Additionally, in the weeks prior to surgery you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to make the necessary preparations in your work or home life so you can focus on your procedure and recovery.

Your Procedure

On the day of your surgery you will enter the surgery center through the handicap entrance, located at the back of the building. You will be greeted by our staff and made comfortable. Dr. Denkler, Dr. Hudson and the surgical team will make final preparations for surgery. Dr. Denkler has designed and equipped his private operating room so that his patients receive his focused surgical expertise, and thus his goal of a beautiful, natural result. Our relaxed and knowledgeable team strives to create an experience that goes smoothly, both surgically and medically.

Your Follow Up

For surgical procedures, post-operative supervision of the healing process is essential to ensure the best possible results. Our out of town patients stay in a hotel close to the surgical facility. The frequency of your follow-up visits depends upon the complexity of your procedure. Some procedures will require daily rechecks the first few days, others will require weekly or biweekly rechecks. The time between follow-up visits becomes progressively longer as you heal.

Financial Policy

Dr. Denkler and Dr. Hudson’s consultation fees vary according to the amount of time needed. Cosmetic surgery consultation fees are payable at the time of your consultation. If you choose to schedule surgery, the consultation fee will be refunded from the surgical fee. For surgeries or procedures that may be covered by insurance due to medical necessity, non-Medicare patients usually pay at the time of service but are given insurance forms to mail to their carrier for reimbursement. Dr. Denkler is a Medicare provider and our office bills Medicare for his services.

To schedule a surgery, a $500 deposit is made to hold the surgery date. This deposit is applied to your surgical fee. The deposit is refundable up to two weeks before surgery. If you need to cancel within two weeks of the scheduled surgery, the deposit fee is not returned, in order to cover the office costs of late cancellation.

Payment in full for your surgery is made at the time of your pre-operative visit. This payment includes the surgeon’s fee, the facility fee, and any additional surgical fees (such as breast implants). Laboratory and pathology fees are the responsibility of the patient, and are usually billed to insurance.

Anesthesia fees are based on the actual duration of anesthesia care, and are paid at the end of the surgery. One medical grade garment (i.e., surgical bra or liposuction compression garment) is provided at no cost. If a second garment is desired (and highly recommended), then it can be purchased from us at our wholesale cost. All bandages, topical antibiotics, and miscellaneous dressing supplies are provided to the patient at no charge. A prescription for your post-op pain and nausea prevention medication can be filled at your local pharmacy.

We accept payment in cash, or by check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. For those desiring financing arrangements, we participate in Care Credit’s six month, no interest plan. Go to CareCredit.com for information.