SculpSure transmits laser energy through cooling sapphire treatment heads attached to a belt wrapped around patient's waist.
Bringing the science of light to the art of body contouring

Introducing SculpSure

Non-Invasive Laser Fat Reduction

Even with diet and exercise, both men and women have resistant fat pads that won’t go away no matter what they do.  Now there is a non-invasive laser called SculpSure that penetrates fat and destroys up to 25% of treated fat cells without dieting or surgery.

FDA approved for reduction of fat in the abdomen and flanks, SculpSure transmits laser energy via four cooling sapphire treatment heads attached by a treatment belt to the area being treated. The laser creates an inflammatory response that attracts one’s own white blood cells called macrophages, that “phagocytose” (gobble up and eliminate) the destroyed fat cells and increase circulation in the remaining inflamed fat cells. Since the laser heat is tapered around the treatment area, the procedure produces a smooth reduction in fat pad projection.

Other areas, such as the inner and outer thighs, and the male chest can also be treated with SculpSure.

How does a SculpSure treatment feel?

The SculpSure treatment heads are clamped painlessly to a treatment belt. The four minute warm-up starts with one minute of skin cooling, followed by short cycles of tingling heat with short peaks of tolerable intensity. This intensity is essential for fat cell death.  The treatment phase continues the regular cycles of warming, peaks, and quick cooling and is typically well tolerated. Patients can request the temperature be raised or lowered, depending on their experience. Thus, the energy levels can be adjusted as needed for patient tolerance of peak intensity.

What does the patient do during the treatment?

During the treatment patient lie on the exam table and read, check their cell phones, or chat with the physician or assistant. One of our staff is continually present during the treatment to make any necessary treatment adjustment, get the patient water or a magazine.

What if a patient wants to do several areas?

Each treatment, using up to four laser heads, takes 25 minutes. Many patients will do a second and third 25-minute session in other areas, to achieve fat reduction in the abdomen, flank and hip area, for example.

How many treatments are needed?

The SculpSure laser penetrates ½ to 1½ inches, depending on the density of one’s fat pad. Because up to 25% of the penetrated fat experiences cell death, in patients without deep penetration, one treatment may not be enough to cause the desired reduction in fat projection. In patients who experience deeper levels of penetration, a single treatment may achieve their desired result.

Generally patients should plan for an additional one to two treatments to achieve their goal if they plan to stay at the same weight. Our patients who lose 2-3 lbs. while they are in the recovery phase frequently achieve targeted weight loss as well as destruction of fat cells.

Are the results permanent?

The fat cells that experience cell death are permanently removed after SculpSure treatment. If one’s weight is stable the result should be maintained. If weight gain occurs it will go to existing fat cells, which may be in the same problem area, or in other areas.

The optimal solution is to do a series of two to three treatments on the same problem area to sequentially destroy fat cells, decreasing the number of remaining fat cells.

What is the recovery like?

After the treatment, mild swelling and tenderness are common. Firmness in the treated fat pad is a sign that one’s white blood cells are doing their job to clean up the inflammatory response from the laser. All of these symptoms gradually subside over 1-3 weeks. During this time normal work and exercise is recommended.

When does one see results?

Typically within 6-8 weeks, patients will notice that their pants are looser and their fat pad projects visibly less. This slimming is complete by 12 weeks.

SculpSure treatments restore youthful abdomen and waist circumference without facial and upper body weight loss.

Our body size and shape continues to change our entire life, even at a stable weight. Patients will note that they may weigh the same as in college, but that their waist is significantly wider.

Our body’s normal response to dieting is to distribute fat reduction throughout the body. This can result in more weight loss in facial and upper body areas than in the problem areas of abdomen or flanks. SculpSure provides a solution to this undesirable imbalance of fat loss by destroying fat pads in the abdomen and flank without changing the appearance of face and upper body.

The SculpSure clinical trials document this reduction in treated fat pads. The before and after photos in the clinical trials clearly show fat pad reduction with little or no weight change. Almost half of these patients did two to three treatments in the same area to combine fat cell destruction zones. Only 10% of patients were non-responders.

What about combining SculpSure with dieting?

Another approach is to combine SculpSure with dieting during the inflammatory healing phase, eliminating not just the area of fat cell death but achieving targeted weight loss in the inflammatory zone.

For our patients who want to use the SculpSure procedure to jump-start a weight loss program, we provide a healthy diet called the “Post SculpSure Diet” which eliminates refined carbohydrates and high cholesterol and fried fats. On this regime, male patients typically lose 1 to 3 lbs per week, and female patients lose ½ to 1 lb per week. These patients achieve reduction in the diet resistant fat pad treated with SculpSure, as well as reduction in other unhealthy fat pads, such as intra-abdominal fat.

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